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The Zope Book Needs A Maintainer

The Zope Book needs a maintainer.

For years I have hosted an updated copy of the Zope Book (2.7 edition) and from what I gather from my webserver logs it's still in pretty heavy usage. That said, as may be evidenced by the version number (Zope 2 is at version 2.12 now), I have ceased maintaining it. It needs a new home. Are you looking to adopt it?

By the way External Editor also still requires a maintainer too.

Created by chrism
Last modified 2009-02-09 03:07 PM


Why the Zope Book is not handle by the Zope Fundation ?
It is a masterpiece for developpers and companies that want to involve them into Zope.

For External Editor I heard that ATReal guys made the last releases, they should be able to do the maintainance.

Could we maybe...

Convert it into a wiki?

steps taken so far

Agreed. Remember we took a step towards that by putting your latest source up on Launchpad. The project is , and is owned by the "Zope 2 Book team" ( which is owned by me. So to work on the book, folks can simply join the team, check out the bzr branch and start pushing changes. I'll approve anyone who wishes to join the team, or transfer ownership if someone else wants to run it. Also, someone should keep a fresh copy at some reasonable url and render the latest html nightly ("make" may be enough).

Working on it...

Tres and me have started to put this into the Zope SVN repository and are working on converting the material into reStructured text. We use Sphinx to output at least HTML for now and other formats should be easy to do as well.

I've put a preview into for now... we'll try to push this into soon.

@Simon, Lennart: wiki's and yet another version management tool seem to have been too high barriers for us lazy developers to keep this updated. I hope SVN and simple reST is close enough for people to start helping out.

Zope Book and Zope Developers Guide on

Both books are now online: