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Issue 10 External editor does not support certificates
    From Anonymous User. Jul 24, 05 19:11
    Pending externaleditor/feature+solution medium 1 followup
    The external editor helper application supports HTTPS connections, but does not support providing a certificate on such a connection. Therefore, for cites which require a certificate to authenticate,...
Issue 12 Lock request failed; 403 Forbidden
    From Anonymous User Aug 2, 05 11:54
    Pending externaleditor/bug medium
    I have Plone installed on a Windows 2000 server. The server has IIS installed on port 80, so I used the ASP404 error script to redirect from the IIS box to my Plone folders which are on port 7080. htt...
Issue 13 External Editor doesn't allow multiple locks
    From jhreis Aug 30, 05 10:18
    Pending externaleditor/bug medium
    External Editor works well if I edit just one file. But, when I open the second (third and so on) it doesn't lock that file (the first one continues locked). If I do any operation in the ZMI (reload...
Issue 15 Create fewer Zope.ini files
    From chrism Sep 23, 05 08:13
    Pending externaleditor/bug medium
    Peter Wehner says: MP> please put a note somewhere about the ?relocation? of MP> zopeedit.ini to the root home folder on win (or did i miss MP> it somehow?). the story is like this: only af...
Issue 16 Excel file download resolved as txt with firfox
    From Anonymous User. Oct 7, 05 18:39
    Pending externaleditor/bug medium 3 followups
    when trying to edit an excel file, it gets opened as a comma delimited text file (*.txt) instead of an excel workbook (*.xls). Using MS IE (v6) it works ok When using helper v0.8 and firefox 1.0.5...
Issue 17 Excel problem using Mozilla
    From UKprivat. Nov 1, 05 15:18
    Pending externaleditor/bug medium 1 followup
    I got the same problem like John Sanderson reported. Excel opens the file as if it was a simple textfile (just lines, no collums, thousands of control characters). Using InternetExplorer the problem d...
Issue 18 Zope external method code depends on Products ns package
    From chrism Nov 25, 05 17:11
    Accepted basket/bug medium , Assigned: chrism
    Code in App.Extensions (ie. external method code) depends on a hardcoded Products namespace package (e.g getPath) and may depend on actual product files. We can't really fix this in Basket but it sho...
Issue 19 Basket tests can fail if other eggs are on the path
    From chrism Nov 25, 05 21:35
    Accepted basket/bug medium , Assigned: chrism
    If other eggs are placed on sys.path when the Basket tests are run, and they cause output to zLOG during import, the tests which catch zLOG output can fail.
Issue 20 EE Does not find file
    From Anonymous User. Dec 2, 05 07:31
    Pending externaleditor/bug critical 4 followups
    Trying to edit I get a Fatal error with this traceback in the temp directory Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 588, in __init__ error: (2, 'CreateProcess', 'Das Syst...
Issue 21 Misc Basket issues.
    From chrism Dec 3, 05 11:59
    Accepted basket/bug medium , Assigned: chrism
    <RockyBurt> reminds me... i jotted down a couple outstanding basket issues this morning... <RockyBurt> - When I uninstall an egg, the zope control panel still shows the egg as a registered product <...
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