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News Item Posted by casey - Created: 2003-10-13

The Joy of RCS (Part One)

I'm sure many of you are familiar with CVS, the ubiquitous versioning system used by many an open-source project (Zope and Python included). CVS is based on RCS, a simple revision control system that can be extremely useful for managing all those text files you have lying around (on Unix at least). It can really make configuring *nix systems and tweaking them a good deal more stable and less scary.

News Item Posted by chrism - Created: 2003-10-13

I Smell Commercial Interest: Plope Corporation

A reprint of the classic complaint-letter-generator rant posted to the zope-dev mailing list against Zope Corporation in 2002, "agreeing" with someone on the list who had been up in arms about a (nonexistent) merger between CMF and Zope. It gets funnier every time I read it.

News Item Posted by chrism - Created: 2003-10-13

A Methodology for Web Load Testing

Everybody seems to want their software to work at high load, but when you get down to it, nobody is really willing to pay the price to know that it will work under extreme load. But here's to hoping. The methodology I provide here might reduce confusion about what it means to do web load testing. Maybe if through some kind of methodology people have a clear idea of what load testing will accomplish (and what it won't), it will become an easier sell.

News Item Posted by chrism - Created: 2003-10-13

zopemafia comes alive

Much like Peter Frampton, zopemafia has come alive.