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Bye Sony Ericsson, Hello Nokia

Six months ago I bought a Sony Ericsson K550im phone. It didn't turn out well.

For years I've owned a Sony Ericsson T610. It started to have physical problems last spring; for example the phone stopped charging without holding the powerconnector "just right" due to a bad power port design: the conductors on the port are on the outside, exposed to the world. These, not unexpectedly, got corroded after five or so years of constant use. But I really liked the software on the phone.

So last winter I bought a Sony Ericssson K550im . I bought it after much agonizing about features. Without looking at it closely, I figured there was no way possible that it would have as bad of a power connector as the T610. I bought it. Wrong. It did. It had an even worse connector; larger, and on the side of the phone instead of on the bottom. After six months, apparently just from holding it, the power bus corroded and it stopped charging. This was not a case where I dropped in in a toilet or had in in my pocket in the rain or something. It just plain corroded from normal every day use. The power connector is just in the wrong place; it's a bad design.

So I sent it back to Sony. They sent it back to me with a nice note telling me it was not fixable due to "water damage". Apparently for any price whatsoever, as they never even bothered to call me about it, they just sent it back to me unfixed.

So. No more Sony Ericsson phones for me. I just bought a Nokia. We'll see how that goes.

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Thats the same bullshit argument

Ericsson always have used. They told me that to when I had one that had battery connection problems. That was a well-known faulty design from their part, the battery wasn't well designed, so it would sometimes lose connection and phones would randomly turn off. Well-know, well publicised problem. I had it. They refused to fix it, claiming water damage.

I will never buy an Ericsson again.

Too bad my last Nokia (N72) really sucked too. Horrible software that simply makes no sense. Hopefully they have fixed that since.

I've got one word for you:


+1 to iPhone

I know you like "real buttons" but I am pushing 2 years with the same phone (orig 4GB iPhone) and I absolutely love it.

no iphone for me...

a) I'm on T-Mobile and I like them.

b) I don't want to go through any hoops to just use it on T-Mobile.

c) I like buttons.

d) I've already given Steve enough money.

I've got two words for you

Used iPhone (first gen):

- Works on T-mobile

- Cheap these days (with the 3G and 3GS superceding it)

- Built like a tank (aluminium, not plastic)

- Doesn't give Steve any more money

That's the setup I'm running on T-mobile now, and I'm very happy with it. Even works with their $5 internet plan (just never tell them that you have an iPhone ;)