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Hey, imagine, you want to run the of a Distutils-packaged package and your current directory is not the package's directory:

  [chrism@vitaminf env26]$ bin/python ../supervisor2/ develop
  running develop
  error: error in 'egg_base' option: 'src' does not exist or is not a directory

Oh well of course. That makes sense. This is a really advanced use case. I mean, it's really hard to... you know..... not do the most idiotic thing on the planet. So, let's just cd to the package directory when we want to run its, over and over, forever, til the end of time.

Sometimes I think we might have been better off without any Python packaging solution.

Created by chrism
Last modified 2009-03-02 09:24 AM

Side tools

I often use buildutils to run (the `pbu` command is easier to type than `python2.4 ...`). I thought it handled this situation, but it doesn't. It does, however, support running from a sub-directory (so if you were in 'MyPackage/src/foo/bar', running 'pbu' would find the in MyPackage).

Buildout, however, does support this situation. You should be able to do 'bin/buildout setup ../supervisor2 develop' (a good reason to keep 'buildout' around even if you're not directly using it).

Amazing how many side-tools we need to get around and around and around this stuff because changing 'distutils' is slow and painful process, and setuptools seems to be forever stuck at a release-candidate version of a pre-1.0 release.