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Pylons Project Meetup / Minicon

In the SF Bay Area on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of this month (April), 3 separate Pylons Project events.

Whit Morriss of SurveyMonkey has been kind enough to organize a set of Pylons Project events coming up at the end of this month.

The first is a SF Bay Area Python/Pylons Project meetup/drinkup on the evening of Thursday the 28th . I'll be giving a short talk introducing Pyramid during that meeting.

The second is a Pylons Project half-day minicon/unconference on Friday the 29th . There will be a few formal talks from speakers (including myself, Ben Bangert, and hopefully Rob Miller) about the Pylons Project and Pyramid, as well as open spaces and other events.

On the 30th (Saturday), we'll be sprinting on Pylons Project related software .

All are invited. There is no charge for any event, but organizations are encouraged to donate in the form of cash for food/drink at the minicon and sprint. The minicon also needs some more speakers. Potential sponsors and speakers are encouraged to contact the conference organizers, preferably on this Convore thread .

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