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Plone Conference 2011 Pyramid Sprint

An update about the happenings at the recent 2011 Plone Conference Pyramid sprint.

The 2011 Plone Conference was held in San Francisco, at the San Francisco State Univeristy. We are thankful to the conference organizers and to the sponsors for allowing us to do some sprinting at the conference (the sponsors kindly provided food, even!). Here are some pictures of the sprint

Here are the topics that saw some work at the sprint:

  • (Jim Penny)

    There are two items to be delivered. The first is an expert self-registration system. This will be used by beginners to find experts in different aspects of pyramid. A layout has been defined, and the somewhat tricky HTML is being done.

    The second system is a study guide. The intent is that a beginner will be able to supply answers to some questions and be linked with a study guide, including especially relevant chapters of the Narrative Documentation, the Cookbook and other examples, and a list of relevant guides that the beginner can contact. This is not even designed yet. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Debug toolbar improvements (Carlos de la Guardia)

    Added tweens panel to Pyramid debug toolbar. Merged changes to toolbar trunk.

  • migration (Carlos de le Guardia, Blaise Laflamme, Reed O'Brien)

    Change roughly 50 Pylons project packages to have the right metadata and support files so that they are renderable via; add each package to Future: transition docs links to

  • Tutorial improvements/screencast (Ken, Chris S.).

    Made ZODB and SQLA tutorials less brittle regarding package naming. Future: create screencast of ZODB tutorial.

  • Work on Velruse (Ben Bangert and Mike Merickel)

    Better Pyramid integration for Velruse.

  • Route groups (Mike M.)

    Consider (then ultimately reject) idea for Pyramid route groups (see github issue # 254).

  • Kotti (Mike Orr)

    Enhancements.. he will post them when he's ready.

  • Strap/Cheeseprism (Whit Morriss, Casey)

    Made Strap produce a self-extracting pybundle and made it work without an internet connection.

  • Japanese Docs Translation (Jhotta)

    Japanese translation of a portion of the Pyramid documentation.

  • Cartouche (Tres Seaver)

    Cartouche is a user/group management system with a Pyramid authentication policy. cartouche provides a reusable set of pyramid views for user registration, login / logout, account recovery, password reset, and user / group administration.

  • Asset Specs (Chris Rossi, Nick, Chris McDonough)

    Worked on an API for resolving asset specifications. Future: merge to trunk.

  • Debugger tutorial (Paul Bugni, Sean Zicari).

    Added a debugger.rst file to Pyramid docs. Future: merge to master and potential screencast.

  • Alembic (Mike Bayer).

    Alembic is an experimental database migration tool (

  • Issue Tracking (Richard Barrel).

    Fixed (or confirmed fixed) several bugs reported to the Pyramid issue tracker.

  • Python 3 support for PyPy (Phil Jenvey)

    See title.

  • Upgrade to Pyramid 1.2 (Michael Ryabushkin)

    See title.

  • Authentication stuff (Joe Dallago)

    Pyramid integration of CakePHP-like authorization policies.

  • Github integration (Jean Francois Roche)

    Github hook application: and collective.pullrequestreview.

Roughly 25 people or so participated over the course of the sprint. It was a packed house. I did nothing at all during the sprint except feign knowledge when questions were asked.

Thanks to the conference organizers, the sponsors (particularly, and to the sprinters! You know it's a good conference when you sleep for 15 hours after arriving home.

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