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Nokia N82

Me like the Nokia N82 mobile phone.

I got a Nokia N82 last week. I am extremely happy with this device.

It's a phone. It's a contact manager. It's a camera. It's a web browser. It's a music player. It's an image browser. It's a sound recorder. It's a video player. It's a camcorder. It's a radio. It's an email client. It's an alarm clock. It's a scheduler. It's a podcast client. It's a barcode scanner. It's a calculator. It's a programming platform (it even runs python). It's a gaming system. It's a GPS system. It's a presentation system (it can be hooked up to a TV). It can read and display Office files. It can even be a web server .

It's tiny. It's solid. The battery life is very good. I have 16GB of flash memory in it (allowing me to ditch my iPod). It has WiFi and GPRS. If I lived in Europe, I could also use broadband 3G services, but I don't (not that it matters; there's no 3G service in this area anyway from my mobile provider). The UI is reasonable and consistent. Mac OS X support is very good.

In short, it's fucking James Bond shit.

My complaints, so far, are extremely minor:

  • The phone applications seem to not be able to share an Internet connection. For example, if you launch the web browser, and then subsequently launch the email client, you have to close the web browser in order to use the connection used by the web browser (e.g. wifi or GPRS) before the email client can consume it. This sort of breaks your expectation of it being "just like a computer".
  • The web browser seems to crash a lot; any complicated layout lays it in the dirt.
  • I am dumbfounded that such an unbelievably cool device can have such a boring manual . It's so mind-numbingly dull that I can't read it in more than 10 minute intervals, though I am very interested in the phone.
  • The Ovi Store apps are pretty thin. There's nowhere near the number and variety of apps that the iPhone has. The apps offered also seem extremely dull. I actually haven't found an app there I wanted to install.
Created by chrism
Last modified 2009-08-09 02:44 AM

The web browser

I also think the standard web browser on Nokia phones suck; try using Opera Mini.. things go a lot faster and it doesn't crash.

shared internet connection

was not a problem for me (n85 and 6300)

it only prompt for the access point (edge/gprs or wifi). no need to close any other apps.

oh, +1 for the opera mini